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24th April 2014


Since Typepad’s commenting is down…

Regarding "More Hugo Award Blogging", specifically the disgusting Vox Day quote about women writing romances in space because they can’t hack physics…

Has this man never heard of Catherine Asaro? Award-winning science fiction author? Ph.D. in physics? Writes BOTH hard sci-fi AND romances in space? I’m particularly fond of The Quantum Rose - a romance story where the relationships parallel a particular phenomenon found in quantum physics.

Seriously, this “women can’t hack physics” stuff is bullshit.


17th February 2014

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Econ 101 vs. Physics 101:

“If these people are earning that much, that must be the price the invisible hand of the market has decided they’re worth. It’s Economics 101.”

“If you’re already going almost the speed of light, and you accelerate more, you’ll go faster than the speed of light. It’s Physics 101.”


3rd February 2014


One lane open on an access ramp
And sorry I could not use the other three
One of many commuters, in place I stood
And looked down the others as far as I could
to where they joined the GWB

All four lanes that morning equally lay
in asphalt smooth, in faded black
Oh, Christie kept the three for another day!
Fort Lee’s mayor had got to pay
Decreed Christie’s crooked claque

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Trying to make it make some sense
Four lanes accessed a bridge and I,
I took the only one traveled by,
Chris Christie made all the difference


30th January 2014

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There’s an appeal to martyrdom that the GOP contracted from the fundamentalists they recruited in the eighties. There are two ways to be like Jesus: the first one is pretty explicitly laid out in the New Testament: give everything to the poor, etc. This is hard work and not much fun. The other one is sympathetic magic: create a situation where you can claim that you are (1) on the side of God*, and (2) being persecuted for this. Instant martyr points! You have no doubt noticed that many of the “culture war” battles have been played to lose by the right, i.e. school prayer.

So now they have clearly laid out an ironclad syllogism that puts them at Jesus’ right hand, battling the inherent sinfulness of the world.

One of the very deep archetypes of human behavior states that cheating is acceptable when (1) you’re on the side of good, and (2) you’re losing. This is deeper than religion. Look at every culture’s trickster stories. Review The Three Billy Goats. Watch a few screwball teen comedies, or any movie with an underdog character.

Framing the debate in these terms grants the ‘persecuted’ person moral license to cheat. On their taxes, with the babysitter, in the election, whatever. It doesn’t matter what they do, because the alternative (for them) is that Satan** wins.

*Or von Mises, Rand, etc. **Or that 47%.


30th December 2013

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"Why is the U.S. falling behind in life expectancy?’

What AREN’T we falling behind in these days?

Maybe the problem is that not falling behind in things, not to say leaping ahead in things, requires effort. It requires organization, planning, coordination, activist government, and a focus on national goals and the common good.

Americans used to have a taste for this sort of thing when we were a go-getter nation that wanted to be number one in everything, and expected our government to lead the way. But then we decided that all that organized effort meant that we don’t have enough FREEEEEEEEDOM! We decided de-regulated, de-governmentized, de-supervised, post-industrial, free-wheeling, financialized freedom to hustle and swindle was more important than national success in achieving national goals.

When Clinton, signing on to the Reagan Revolution, declared that the era of big government is over, he might as well have declared that the era of exemplary national progress and achievement was over.


21st October 2013


America, why won’t you listen to conservatives?

Let’s look at the record, shall we?

When the income tax was enacted, conservatives predicted an economic catastrophe.

When the Federal Reserve was created, conservatives said that this monstrous socialization of our system of credit spelled our ruination.

When legislation was passed for the health and safety of employees at the workplace, conservatives predicted it would have a disastrous impact on our economy.

When minimum wage laws were passed, conservatives predicted economic havoc.

When labor unions were permitted, conservatives predicted it would severely hamper our capitalist system.

When child labor was prohibited, conservatives predicted dire economic consequences.

When Social Security was enacted, conservatives predicted tremendous damage to our sense of responsibility.

When unemployment insurance was introduced, conservatives predicted chaos in our labor markets.

When the GI bill was passed, conservatives predicted a lowering of educational standards.

When the Interstate highway system was constructed, conservatives predicted it would be a wasteful extravagance.

When Medicare was passed, conservatives predicted it would be a socialist catastrophe.

When consumer product safety legislation was passed, conservatives said that this unwarranted interference in the workings of the free market would have serious deleterious consequences.

When the Food and Drug Administration was formed, conservatives warned it would imperil our prosperity.

When food stamps and other public nutrition assistance programs were developed, conservatives predicted they would destroy the incentive to work.

When the Environmental Protection Agency was established, conservatives predicted it would undermine the competitiveness of the U.S. economy.

In each and every instance, conservatives have turned out to be right. The American economy has undergone staggering decline, investment and innovation have plummeted, and profitability has almost been destroyed. And from the heights achieved in the early 19th century, America has been turned into an impoverished wasteland and a byword for economic ruin.

Why, America, why didn’t you listen to conservative warnings?

If only you had, you could have had a vibrant, thriving 19th century economy, instead of the misery you now endure…

Brought to you by:

The Conservative Fantasy Association

and by

Billionaires For Stupidity

and by

Morons for Free Markets

and by

The Newt Gingrich Center for Sheer Nonsense

and by

Americans for Anti-Liberal History

and by

The Batshit Crazy Society


10th September 2013

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I know everyone loves slash but how many people like femslash?


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9th September 2013

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"Sailor Who" from here - much larger version there

"Sailor Who" from here - much larger version there

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3rd September 2013

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29th August 2013

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Why is this rule 63 so…..good?

this is really cute!!!


Because instead if just “BEWBS” the artist actually took time to put in details in the characters in an original way. 

Each girl isn’t the same body type and their personality come out through, not only expression but visual ques.

Like how they wear their bandannas. Mikie has a bow symbolizing child-like innocence. Raph’s is all torn up. and Leo’s is longer, drawing us to “the leader”.

Ironically, Donnie got the short stick. Aside from the tooth gap, she looks kinda plain.    





I would SO buy this…


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